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chicago business headshots


A well executed business headshot is an incredibly helpful tool in growing your personal brand and connecting with others. LinkedIn has become a fantastic resource for identifying leads, networking with industry professionals, and reruiting new talent. It should come as no surprise that your headshot is the star of your LinkedIn profile, but the fun doesn’t stop there. Your headshot serves a far greater purpose in that it doubles as your personal logo. It’s the visual representation of what people will remember about their interactions with you. Most people will see your headshot before they ever hear a word come out of your mouth.


A good business headshot is going to make you look more professional. More often than not in business, we just want to make people like us. We want to be perceived as likable, easy to work with, and smart.  With that in mind communicating confidence without looking uncomfortable or mean is the goal. That doesn’t always mean that business headshots need to have a big smile with teeth showing. A smaller controlled smile can also be friendly and often times can come off as more confident. That said, it’s difficult to look friendly and stoic at the same time, so I tend to steer people away from the “no smile” look.  Another way that we can communicate professionalism is via the wardrobe we choose to wear in our business headshots. Your clothing choices can say a lot too. An ill fitting suit or shirt is never a good idea and often ruins an otherwise great business headshot.  I strongly suggest you consider a shopping trip and updating your wardrobe prior to your headshot session.

good business headshot
business headshot


If you think you would benefit by differentiating yourself in a crowded market then yes, I beleive getting a great professional headshot will be beneficial to you and your business. A new business headshot probably ins’t going to be the reason that someone hires you. A business headshot isn’t likely to get you a raise (some people really believe that). A business headshot isn’t going to do much more than open the door. Your profile will get more clicks, your messages will probably have a higher open rate. People will likely be more interested in reaching out to you. A great business heashot just makes it easier to connect with people. It’s that whole first impression thing. Everything after that is up to you. 


In the early days of headshot photography, business headshots were fairly conservative and boring. We’ve all seen them and they likely bring to mind a cross between school picture day and the creepy portraits of themsleves that wealthy people would hang above their fireplaces. Modern business headshots should not bring those things to mind. There are a ton of professional headshot photographer in Chicago and most of them have their own unique style. You can get a professional headshot with a myriad of different lighting styles, background options, and even levels of formality. Most of my clients opt for selecting multiple business headshots so that they can add some variety to their marketing efforts.  

business headshot examples
business headshot


Does your business interface with the public? If so, then you should probably have headshots. Realtors can use their headshots on their websites, their business cards, and their print materials. Doctors, lawyers, accountains, and consultants can all benefit from having their headshots on their company websites and on their LinkedIn profiles. Ideally your entire team has matching headshots in a consistant style. Great business headshots with consistant styling will make your website look cleaner and your team look more professional