What should I wear to my headshot session?

Headshot TipsAre you looking for headshot tips? I’m the guy with an opinion on everything, so allow me to share my thoughts with you. Headshot clothing is less about what to wear and more about what not to wear.  My first rule is dress to the level of formality that you would a meeting in your industry. If you’re an actor, that means an audition. For my corporate friends, I mean a client meeting or something comparable. Rule 2 is that it should look like you. This is your personal branding. Your personal logo if you will. I wouldn’t reinvent yourself with a clothing style here unless you think it’s something you’re going to carry out long term.

Before we get to the list, I want to take a moment to remind you of two other things. We’ll call these rules 3 and 4. Rule number 3 is that you should always bring extra. I can’t stress this enough. Don’t tell me about how you wish brought something that you didn’t actually bring. Toss as much as you can fit in your bag if you’re unsure. Rule number 4 is that rules are made to be broken. Yes, I’ve got a list of do’s and don’ts here, but I’ve been proven wrong. For example, I don’t think hats belong in headshots, but just last year I photographed a guy who really pushed wanting to wear his hat to cover up his bald spot. It looked amazing!

Headshot Tips


  1. Something that appears to be tailored will always represent you better.
    1. your shoulder pads should not extend past your shoulders
    2. your shirt should not billow
    3. if you’re wearing a tie, the shirt collar should not have a gap when buttoned
  2. Press or iron all clothing
  3. Solid muted tones work the best.
    1. Choose colors you know you look good in
    2. When in doubt go black, white, or gray
    3. Most people don’t photograph well in red



  1. Don’t be flashy
    1. Keep the prints to a minimum
    2. Avoid anything with sequence or sparkle
  2. Don’t wear bold jewelry
    1. Stud earrings are appropriate
    2. If you must wear a necklace choose something structured like a pearl
    3. Unless it’s required for your industry, skip the tie
  3. Don’t come underprepared. If you don’t have what you need, go shopping, leave the tags on, and return it after your session.


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