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What should I wear to my headshot session?

Headshot Tips Advice For Taking Great Headshots: What To Wear?  As a photographer with extensive experience in taking professional headshots, I can tell you with absolute certainty that the mirror does not represent a photo. And while a mirror can provide a teaser of what the headshot is going to look like, some things just don’t work when taking a photo. Now, considering that headshots are meant to show you as a professional in your field or area, it is important to trust the photographer instead of the mirror.  Don’t get me wrong. I’m not the perfect stylist or a headshot fashion guru. But I’ve taken enough headshots to see what works and what doesn’t. Hence the reason for this quick guide on how to dress when preparing for these important portfolio pictures. There is nothing I want more than to see you spend money on headshots that express your ability and confidence. So, without wasting any more valuable time, here are my suggestions for getting prepared and what to consider in terms of what to wear. Dress The Part Professional Headshot Photographer Pete Templin from Hire Me Headshots suggests that you dress as if you were meeting with a client or business partner? Of course, there are different levels of formality, and the industry you are in will influence your dress code a great deal. My suggestion is to maintain the same formality when getting your headshots. Given that a headshot is considered your personal brand logo, why not invest in it?  Avoid Going Overboard  But what if you want the headshots to be different and distinct? It happens that some clients want to try something different, and there is nothing wrong with this. It’s your call and your money, but I would recommend only going down this path if you are certain it’s a style you are confident with. Remember, this is your logo for the industry you are in. Ultimately, it should reflect who you are and not what you wear.  Always Be Prepared  Don’t know whether to go with the blue or white shirt? Why not just take them both? The final decisions can be made once you are at the location for the headshots. In other words, I recommend showing up with everything you can get in a bag because the photographer can really help you make constructive choices.  Sometimes Experimental Works  I’ll be the first one to confess that hats for a headshot do not work. And I never recommend it for clients I work with. But after a particular client insisted on the hat to cover his bald spot, I was very impressed with the results.     Additional Considerations  I’m ending this guide with some additional considerations to keep in mind. And hopefully, they help you make the most of your headshot session. They are:  – Keep it natural – Clothing that appears tailored works well- Shoulder pads not longer than the edge of your shoulder- Your shirt should be straight and not billow- When wearing a tie, make sure no gaps are between the buttons – Keep the jewelry choices modest and structured – Avoid sequences, sparkle, or anything flashy – Choose colors that work well with your natural look

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