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What makes 312 Elements Headshot Photography different?

different headshots At 312 Elements Headshot Photography, I create different headshots. I offer my clients an amazing product that is truly second to none. I don’t just photograph people I educate them and more importantly I learn from them. The process is constantly evolving to ensure that no two headshots are exactly the same. We look at things differently. This is not just a photograph this is your personal logo. It has to stand out in the crowd.  It has to say “I’m the one”, and it has to be an honest representation of who you are. We are authentic in what we do and we believe that’s one of the many things that make us different.

Different Headshots

You’re an individual, not a product or commodity. Your branding should represent you that way. That’s why I approach headshots differently. I want you to look like the rockstar that you truly are. You know how when you’re singing in the shower and there’s nobody to hear you and you just jump for that high note without a care in the world? That’s what I want for you in your headshot. I want you to be invincible and I’ll work with you until that’s how you feel. I’m not going to lie. Having your headshot taken can be a vulnerable experience. Atlanta headshot photographer Richard Shinn says it should be a vulnerable experience, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be a fun experience. Singing in the shower is fun, especially when you nail that high note. Let me help you nail that high note!

Be Different

I’m Mike Schacht and I’m a headshot photographer in Chicago. My headshots are not a commodity. If you’re looking for something truly different, then look no further. You’re an individual and you’re special. Celebrate that because sometimes it’s the only thing that separates you from the competition.

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