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Should I wear jewelry to my headshot session?

headshot jewelry

Headshot Jewelry

Did you ever play Monopoly as a kid? What happens when you get sent to jail? You don’t pass go. You don’t collect $200 and you don’t wear jewelry to your headshot. Sounds extreme right? It’s meant to. Headshot jewelry just isn’t a thing. Now that I’ve gone all hardcore on you, I can back off a bit and you’ll think I’m really giving you something here. So here’s the deal. Unless you sell jewelry for a living, you want to keep the jewels to a minimum. Why? It’s hard to stand out and overpower that great big chunky necklace and those dangling earrings. It just is. No matter what you do, you’re not going to be the star of that shot.

Headshot Jewelry

So here’s my concession to you. Wear earrings. Just make certain that they’re studs, and that they’re not huge. Your ear should not be pulled down by the weight of your earrings. Does that sound fair? You’re killing me here. Ok, so if you must wear a necklace, choose something with some structure to it. What I mean is don’t wear a super thin necklace that ends in a point, because that point is never going to be in the right place, and you’re going to end up asking me to photoshop it out. Wear something like a small pearl. The goal would be that it does not intersect with the neckline of your top. It should be shorter than that. But while we’re on that topic, you’re not going to want to wear a super low cut shirt, because the natural crop of the image is going to make it look like you’re not wearing a shirt. Do you see how complicated you’re making this? Like I said, your best best is new headshot jewelry at all.

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