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Should I get a haircut before my headshot session?

Haircut for headshot

should I get a haircut before my headshot session?

A haircut is a great idea before a headshot session, just not the day before your headshot session. A little trim will help your hair look healthy in your images, however, if possible cut your hair at least a week before your headshot session. Sometimes after a haircut, we’re left with tan lines and hair that isn’t quite sure how it wants to be styled yet. By giving yourself a week you’ll have some time to learn how your hair lays best and how you want to style it. Also, if you happen to hate your haircut, it will allow you ample time to reschedule with me if necessary and push your date back few weeks.

Haircut for headshot

Here a few things to remember before getting that hair cut. As I mentioned before, don’t schedule it for the day before. Give yourself some time. Also, don’t reinvent the wheel. Don’t choose this as the time to go crazy with something totally outside the box. You should really change your headshot every time you change your look. Your hair is a big part of your luck, so in an effort to avoid having to do this all over again, save the big hair change for another time. Here are my headshot hair tips…
  1. Go with tried and true without any dramatic changes
  2. Come to your headshot “hair ready”. Feel free to bring product with you. We have a blow dryer and a curling iron at the studio.
  3. In the summer months, we can get tan lines at our hair line. Be aware of this prior to getting your hair cut.
  4. Don’t wait until the last minute to schedule your haircut.
  5. Avoid hair fads. That flock of Seagulls haircut is going to look really silly next year.

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