Corporate Headshot Rates
LinkedIn Special $499

If you’re looking for a headshot that strikes the perfect balance between confidence and approachability, this is the shoot for you. The session lasts about 45 minutes and we take approximately 150 shots. The first round is what I like to refer to as “Throw everything against the wall and see what sticks”. We’re going to hit you from multiple angles, with multiple expressions, in multiple poses and lighting scenarios and see what sticks. We bring you around to the computer to see how things are looking and then we start eliminating variables. Once we get a handle on how you’re going to look best in your headshot, we get you back in front of the camera and really start working the expression until it’s just right. You’re marking favorites as we go, and everything that you mark gets emailed to you after the session. You go home, mull it over, and get back to me with which shot you like the best, and we’ll send it to the retoucher.

  • Deliverable: 1 Retouched image 2048 Pixels at 72dpi – digital proofs included
  • Optional Makeup: $140
  • Optional Additional retouched images $75
  • Optional High Resolution File for non-commercial use $75

Personal Branding Makeover $799

This package is everything listed above in the LinkedIn Special and more. We start with your headshot. Then we add an Enviromental Portrait and a Publicity Photo. The Environmental Portrait is like a headshot but it’s a little bit of a wider shot, and we don’t shoot it on a white background. It’s got a bit more of a laid back look to it, and we find that it works best on the “About Me” page of websites and corporate bio’s. The Publicity Portrait is a little artsy and has a bit of a Vanity Fair or GQ vibe to it. If you’re hoping to featured on a blog or in a magazine, this is the right pacakge for you.

  • Deliverable: 3 Retouched images 2048 Pixels at 72dpi – digital proofs included
  • Optional Makeup: $200
  • Optional Additional retouched images $75
  • Optional High Resolution File for non-commercial use $75

In/Out Discount Headshot $399

This package isn’t for most, but occasionally I get requests from people just looking for something quick and dirty. They need a professional picture, but don’t need retouching and can’t necessarily justify the cost of my expertise. If this is you, then I invite you to shoot with my assistant. It’s a 20-minute session and your digital file will be emailed to you before you make it back to the office.

  • Deliverable: 1 2048 Pixels at 72dpi – digital proofs not available
  • Optional Makeup: Not Available
  • Optional Additional retouched images Not Available
  • Optional High Resolution File for non-commercial use Not Available



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Would you call yourself photogenic? If you answered yes to that question, you’re definitely in the minority. Our business exploded in 2012 when we discovered the secret to helping people look their best in photos. After photographing thousands of people we locked down the key to confidence with approachability.

Headshot Learning Curve

Most of us have a “go to” smile that we pull out when someone points a camera in our general direction. Being photographed can be an awkward process and that “go to” smile is equally awkward. We naturally produce these unnatural smiles that are not helping you land that new client or job. In 2012 we started shooting tethered to a computer. That’s a fancy way of saying that as we’re taking pictures, they’re showing up on the computer monitor. I use this as a tool to teach you what you’re doing right. We review the images periodically throughout the session and it’s had a huge impact on my coaching process throughout the shoot. It’s also a great data collection tool for me. The more feedback I get from you, the more I can customize things to make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for in a headshot.

Headshot Coaching

Have you ever felt uncomfortable in front of the camera because you weren’t sure what you were supposed to do? That’s not your fault, it’s the photographers fault. I promise you right now that I’m not going to leave you uncomfortably hanging in the wind on the other side of my camera. Through a mixture of direct and indirect direction, it’s my job to make sure that you feel comfortable and confident during our session. Everyone’s different, and there’s a little bit of psychology that goes into it, so each session is a unique experience for the both of us. I’m constantly talking and giving you feedback. I talk a lot. You’ll learn all kinds of random facts about me while we’re working together, and I usually wind up learning a lot about you too. This may seem hard to believe now, but working with me is fun. That’s right, I said you’re going to have fun having your picture taken.

Headshot Lighting

The final piece to the puzzle is lighting. Proper lighting cures a lot of problems. We start with a very flattering light. The beautiful light fills in all of the imperfections in the skin and brightens up your eyes. You can say goodbye to those dark circles under your eyes too. As you can see in some of the examples on my website, we vary up the lighting a little bit for some of our male clients. We do this to add a little bit more depth to their faces.