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How should I choose a headshot photographer?

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How to select the right headshot photographer for you.

If you have the time, the best way to choose a headshot photographer is to meet with a few of them. Especially if you happened to get a referral from a friend or colleague. You have lots of headshot photographer choices in the Chicago market. Most photographers will meet you free of charge. I typically do my consults at 9:30am Monday Wednesday and Friday, or via video chat. You need to trust that your photographer can deliver. If you don’t trust your photographer or if you try to micro-manage your headshot session, you will not succeed. There are thousands of photographers at different price points and different levels of experience in Chicago and the right photographer for you is out there, you just have to do a little digging. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for. Photography is not a commodity and every photographer values their work and their time differently. Some great questions to ask are:

How to choose a headshot photographer?

  1. How long have you been a photographer? I would recommend avoiding people that are new to the game unless if you’ve got serious budget issues. Your headshot is too important to be trusted with a newbie.
  2. Do you have a photography studio? This is a pretty good indication of how serious they are about headshots. In this market, you’re not really a headshot photographer if you don’t have a studio.
  3. Do you specialize in headshot photography? This is a big one. There are a lot of hacks out there trying to pad their bottom line by adding headshot photography as a service. You wouldn’t order a steak from McDonalds, would you?
  4. Why are you a headshot photographer? I’m a headshot photographer because I love people. I love their stories and I love the connections made during the session. Being photographed like this is a very vulnerable feeling and not many people can do it well.
Google is your friend, use it! Chances are that if a photographer is good at what they do, they’ll have some reviews to prove it.  My photographer friend Greg Thomason insists that the secret to his success has come from his happy clients leaving him rave reviews. That being said, there are exceptions to the rule, so do your homework. Read the reviews, look at their work, and even ask for references. At the end of the day you’ll probably have to live with your decision for a couple of years, so take your time and make sure that your photographer is the right fit for you and your needs. If you’re still on the fence, just hire me, because I’m the best headshot photographer in Chicago and I’ve got the confidence to say it.

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