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How many outfits should I bring to my headshot session?

Headshot Looks Photo Headshot Session Clothing Tips As a professional photographer, you can bet that I have some of the best headshot clothing tips around. That’s why I am giving you a bunch of them right here. First off, I suggest that you bring as many outfits as you want to for your session. Believe it or not, I have had some clients come in with their entire closets to my studio! It is actually a good idea to err on the side of caution when it comes to outfits. Please avoid bringing any outfit that does not make you feel sensational. Anything that you bring must fit you well and give you a sense of confidence when you put it on. If you want me to give you my opinion, I will be happy to offer it to you.  Sometimes choosing the right outfit is a difficult thing. That’s okay. If you feel torn between one outfit and another I will be happy to make the final decision for you. If you have already browsed your closet and truly cannot find a thing to wear, there is a solution. Go shopping! Leave the tags on and we can shoot around them. Simply return the ones you do not want after your session ends. Just remember that all sessions are booked by “looks,” so you will want to plan accordingly. This means that if you booked a 1-look headshot session, I can only photograph you in one outfit. If you are not sure about what constitutes a “look”, you can learn more about “headshot looks” here. More Headshot Clothing Tips I cannot stress enough about how important it is for your clothes to fit well. If they do not fit right, you may look bigger than you are. No one wants that! Also, make sure that your clothes look new. You do not have to run out and buy a new outfit, but anything that you do choose to bring should look neat and in great shape. Make sure nothing you bring looks worn out or frayed. As for all the “looks” you book with me, even if it is just one, always bring a backup outfit. This just helps us get a perfect session. I usually tell clients that when they book a one look session that they should bring an extra shirt, jacket or tie. It is always better to have it with you and not need it than to need it and not have it. One more important tip – be stylish but not trendy. Headshot photographer Justin Berrington says your headshot is going to be used for a few years. You want to avoid wearing something that was fashionable for the 6-month lifespan most trends last. If you do, your photo will end up looking dated in a very short while. Stick to the classics in clothes and you will get much more life from your headshot. If you pay attention to my instructions, we are going to have some extra time to spare in the session. Layer things. Bring some cool items to toss on after our shoot is complete and we can knock a few more frames out. A cool jacket or a hat can really add to a Facebook profile pic.

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