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Do I need a professional headshot?

social media headshot Why Professional Headshots are a Must So, you were giving a second thought on whether to get a professional headshot. Well, you bet you do! Your first impression matters a lot, especially when everyone’s lives are surrounded by social media profiles. If you are an actor and want to be recognized, your headshot is the best way to make that happen. It is like your virtual business card. In the modern era, the way you present yourself to others speak a lot about your talent and persona. Even if you are not an actor, you should still get a headshot done to create that digital presence and identity so that your peers or target audience gets to know about you. Your headshot will be like your personal brand and you should pay every attention to it so that everyone is aware that you are around. Your profile picture is the identity that people will judge you on. It is an essential marketing tool that you have to use efficiently. This generation gives more importance to the first appearance more than anything else. So, whether it is to connect with your potential employers or peers or clients on LinkedIn or wanting to find your better half on a matrimonial website, be prepared to be judged by your profile picture. Remember, we are living in a digital age and merely cropping a candid photo from someone’s wedding or a clean-shaved look from your passport photo will not be enough to do justice to what you actually are. You have to be more focused on how you present yourself to the world digitally. If you pass that test, it is then that your general capabilities will be judged on. So, it has become a combination of good looks with good brains. People often wonder how often they should get a headshot. 312elements photography recommends that you should get your headshot updated once every two years. It is important that you try new looks every time you get a headshot. This will help to bring out the best in you. Maybe you are still not aware of the look that others would like on you. So, it is never too late to experiment. Who knows, you can crack that code in your first headshot! There are a number of reasons why professional headshots have become essential for everyone. Headshot photographer Brad Newcomb from says that success in any industry is all about the first impression. Isn’t it time that you market yourself because of the level of skill that you have for the specific industry that you want to work in? Your answer should be a big yes! When people see that your profile lacks a suitable image, they think that you are not eligible for the respective job or you are trying to hide something from them. That doesn’t mean you don’t have the brains too. As mentioned earlier, you need to be the one who has looks and brain at the same time. It doesn’t matter if you are handsome like Matthew McConaughey or beautiful like Emilia Clarke, once you put your real image out there along with your skill level, it would be a force that no one will be able to control. So, be bold, be beautiful!

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