Do I need a professional headshot?

social media headshotDo you need a professional headshot? You bet your ass you do!  If you’re an actor and it’s been more than 2 years since your last headshot, you shouldn’t even have clicked on this. This is your business card. It’s is how you feed yourself. This is how you get work, and you should know better. However, if you’re not an actor and you’re online in any capacity then the answer is still yes. You have the power to dictate your online perception. It’s the 21st century and when it comes to marketing, we judge our books by their covers.  Your headshot is your personal logo for your personal brand and should be treated as such.

There are a great number of online marketing tools these days/ Whether you’re connecting with peers and potential employers or clients on LinkedIn or you’re looking to find the love of your life on, you are being judged by your profile picture. We’re in the digital age and it doesn’t matter how great you look in that picture from your cousin’s wedding that you cropped your significant other out of, it just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Let’s say you’re on the fence? Answer me this question, why wouldn’t you want to take control of your personal brand? Why wouldn’t you want to have a higher perceived level of skill in your specific industry? A professional headshot will give you both. When questioned, 90% of people assume you’re trying to hide something if your profile lacks an image. Does an empty avatar really represent your brand the way you want it to? Proper branding will increase your odds of landing that new job, new client, new project, or new gig.

312elements photography recommends that you update your headshot every 2 years.

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